Common Thread is a boutique messaging and strategy development firm - led by Jesse Moore in partnership with tailored teams of project-based writers, designers and project managers. We help clients in entertainment, sports, government, philanthropy, law enforcement, and social justice movements construct nuanced narratives, build meaningful bridges, and maximize their impact as agents of change 


We build custom message strategies, branding frames and strategic plans for organizations with ambitious social justice goals. 

message planning | content development | speechwriting | coalition building | celebrity engagement | brand advising | event curating | script advising


Jesse Moore is a senior level consultant specializing in message development, political strategy and creative partnerships.  He is the founding CEO at Common Thread, a leading voice at the intersection of justice, entertainment and social action.  Jesse is a former White House speechwriter and director of celebrity and entertainment partnerships for President Obama.  He was a senior consultant guiding the launch of the Pop Culture Collaborative and is currently a Board Member with both Rock the Vote and Equal Justice USA.  Jesse is a frequently booked speaker, moderator and contributor to TV and digital news outlets. Moore spent his early career in youth empowerment and outreach and continues to work with kids and young adults on strategies for success and fulfillment. He is a native of the Seattle area and a graduate of Western Washington University